At our short introductory seminars, the teachings of Elijah House Ministries Australia (EHMA) give people an overview of the biblical basis of Christian prayer ministry and specifically the EHMA teachings. These short seminars are an information and promotional tool that lead to the presentation of a complete EHMA Keys to Transformation Course.

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Introductory Seminar Program

An introductory seminar is usually presented on a Saturday morning or afternoon, a full Saturday, or perhaps even a Friday night and Saturday.  Sessions start with praise and worship and a number of teachings, depending on the time frame, are watched on DVD.  The schedule includes breaks for morning, afternoon tea and lunch as required. Time is allocated for discussion and questions, facilitated by an EHMA leader.  Each teaching is complete, and it is not necessary to attend all the teachings.


The teachings are on DVD and feature John and Paula Sandford as well as other prayer ministers and teachers from Elijah House.


Because large numbers of people usually attend seminars, it is not possible to provide prayer ministry to individuals, however corporate prayer is associated with the teachings.

Seminar Details

The group hosting the seminar…

  • Promotes the seminar using brochures and flyers provided by EHMA
  • Advertises in free local newspapers, and/or does interviews on Christian radio
  • Sends out letters (enclosing brochures and flyers) to past EHMA students, EHMA graduates and those that may be interested
  • Promotes the seminar in other churches in the area

and provides…

  •  A room, hall or church large enough to seat the total number of people likely to attend plus the EHMA team.
  • A worship leader for approximately 30 minutes worship in the morning and 15 minutes after lunch.
  • A video or DVD player and TV or screen large enough for all the people to see clearly.
  • Tea and coffee-making facilities.
  • Accommodation (billets if available) for the facilitator and team, if not from the local area.
  • Overhead projector and operator.
  • An area suitable for a bookshop.

EHMA provides…

  • An experienced EHMA leader and support team
  • Seminar teachings
  • A book shop that carries books, DVDs and CDs relevant to the teachings
  • Infrastructure


EHMA does not charge a presentation fee for short seminars.  However, it is recommended a set charge or offering be collected to help offset the costs incurred in presenting the seminar (e.g. travel by the EHMA team) and to help cover the cost of refreshments and the use of facilities.