SandraSellmeKerstenIn August 2013 and March 2014 Sandra Sellmer Kersten presented six two-day teaching seminars on Healing Shame across 5 States in Australia.

This seminar was geared towards:

  • those seeking greater understanding of the role of shame in their life
  • human service professionals
  • pastoral carers and chaplains
  • prayer ministers

This and Sandra’s previous seminars on Healing Trauma and Identity & Destiny have all been hugely popular and video recordings of all of these live teachings continue to change lives today.

Seminar Resources

DVDs and CDs of the six teachings, the demonstration and blessing prayer at the completion of the seminar, and the accompanying workbook are all available for purchase from our online store  HERE.

Shame? Who Me?
Shame and its Devastating Effects
Rejection and Shame
The Roots of Shame and Rejection Go Deep Part 1
The Roots of Shame and Rejection Go Deep Part 2
Strongholds of Shame
The Healing Shame Prayer Ministry Demonstration and Blessing Prayer companion DVD or CD where Sandra prays through topics covered in the seminar is highly recommended.

Click  HERE  to download an information sheet with an overview of the teachings.



Individual DVDs – $15 each
Individual CDs – $8 each
Set of 6 Teachings on DVD – $75
Set of 6 Teachings on CD – $40
Workbook – $10  (Order under ‘Books’ at Online Store)

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Promotional Video

Click  HERE  to go to the video page and watch a promotional clip regarding the Healing Shame Seminar.

DVD Seminars

The seminars continue to be presented over two days using DVDs of the teachings.

See the National Timetable HERE for details of when and where seminars may be presented.


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