The “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” Healing Trauma Seminar presented by Sandra Sellmer Kersten in Australia in 2010, is now presented by DVD over two days.  This seminar aims to equip people to minister to those who have experienced trauma by providing an understanding of trauma and its effects, and by sharing important ministry tools, prayers specific to trauma resolution and practical ministry tips.

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‘We see the effects of trauma all around us, but only a few have enough training to know how to help.  We end up putting band-aids on people who are bleeding to death emotionally.  We throw scriptures at them, or just tell them to forget the past and get on with it…’  



Sandra Sellmer Kersten has served as a prayer minister / teacher with Elijah House USA since 2002.  She has ministered nationally and internationally, sharing a transforming message of restoration and sanctification.  Sandra’s ministry is characterised by gentleness and compassion to those who are wounded and broken hearted.

‘Unfortunately, sometimes the ‘cure’ has only compounded the wound.  People … long to be healed and set free, but don’t know how to escape …’        Sandra Sellmer Kersten


When we fail to recognise the devastating long-term effects of trauma on body, mind and spirit, we don’t realise how the past continues to play out in the present.


‘Sitting in the intensive care waiting room, I began to understand … what an investment hospitals and doctors have made! They recognize the devastating effects of physical trauma, and have whole wards dedicated to the treatment of it…  If only the church would take physical, emotional and spiritual trauma this seriously!’


‘Tell Your Heart to Beat Again’ provides keys of understanding to minister to traumatised people and their families.


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Introduction & The Many Faces of Trauma
The Devastating Effects of Trauma
How We Get Stuck in Trauma
Praying to Release Trauma
The Trauma of Unmet Need
Corporate Trauma Prayer


Demonstration – Elizabeth
Demonstration – Emma
Demonstration – Stephanie

Also available on DVD or CD, Healing the Trauma of Sexual Abuse

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