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Healing Shame Seminar, Holland Park – Brisbane, QLD

Event details

  • Thursday | 22/08/2019 to Thursday | 05/09/2019
  • 6:30 pm
  • Holland Park Library 81 Seville Road Holland Park
Healing Shame Seminar –  Thursday Evenings: 22 Aug, 29 Aug & 5 Sept 2019
  • 6:30pm to 9:.30pm

Healing Shame Seminar topics include: 

  • Shame? Who Me?
  • Shame and its Devastating Effects
  • Rejection and Shame
  • The Roots of Shame Go Deep – Part 1
  • The Roots of Shame Go Deep – Part 2

The Healing Shame Seminar aims to look at how shame underlies many of life’s struggles. Though difficult to recognise, shame’s destructive fruit can help pinpoint its roots: do you fear making mistakes, being vulnerable or out of control? Are you uncomfortable expressing emotions, being in a position of need, saying ‘no’? Do you struggle with feelings of worthlessness, trusting others, perfectionism?

The Holy Spirit wants to restore our honour, identity, relationships and kingdom purpose.

TO REGISTER Please Contact:

Easter Asaua
Email: elijahhouse.easter@gmail.com


Simply click on the link and enter the amount to pay & the course code and then complete your details.
Amount: $60.00 per person 
Course Code: QS29