Keys to Healing from Past Hurts & Pain – Free Half Day Seminar – Geelong

Event details

  • 24/02/2018
  • 4:00 pm
  • Corio Christian Centre 158 Purnell Road Corio Vic
  • 0425 812 114

Keys to Healing from Past Hurts & Pain – Feb 24, 2018 – FREE 1/2 Day Seminar

1:00pm to 4:00pm

˜™Seminar topics covered are:

Biblical Basis

The fundamental laws of God are written into the universe and affect our lives as surely as gravity. We are all subject to these laws whether or not we believe them. When we transgress them, we set in motion forces that must be reaped by simple, impersonal law — law that is absolute and eternal. In our sinful responses to wounding, we begin early to develop patterns of behaviour that cause us to reap in adulthood the very thing we hate. We sow and reap in kind. We judge and do more of the same. We honour or dishonour, and in the area of life in which we dishonour, life will not go well with us. The pain we reap often seems out of proportion to the harm we have done, but Scripture clearly states the principle of increase.

Restoring Childhood Foundations

 Beginning with basic trust, we must build each stage of our life on the one that went before.   A poor foundation, in any stage of childhood, can negatively affect us throughout our adult lives, impacting our ability to relate to one another and, ultimately, the Lord.  Through inner healing, we can rebuild each part of our foundations.

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