Keys to Transformation – Ministry Skills – ALBANY, WA

Event details

  • Friday | 13/10/2017 to Sunday | 15/10/2017
  • All Day
  • Living Water Anglican Lower King Road ALBANY
  • 0400 028 355

Healing Hearts – Restoring Relationships – Transforming Lives

Ministry Skills Unit; The Do’s & Don’ts of Prayer Ministry, Bitter Fruits, Ministry Skills – Following the Holy Spirit, Microskills of Communication (Interactive), Common Errors in Prayer Ministry, Making Healing Relationships Safe

This Workshop is required for Certificate III in Prayer Ministry and covers the unit Explain and Demonstrate Communication Micro-Skills.  Micro-skills help us to listen attentively and understand what others are saying. While they are most useful in counselling and prayer ministry, they are also useful in daily communication to ensure understanding.

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Kerry Randall
0400 028 355