STEPHEN & JULIEN WINSPEAR – Blackburn North, Melbourne, VIC

Julien and Steve have been involved in prayer ministry since 2005 through their church, NewHope Baptist, where they are part of the leadership of a 20+ person prayer ministry team.

After Julien did two seasons of training with Wholeness Through Christ, and both she and Steve trained through Sonrise Family Ministries, they read numerous wonderful Sandford books, and found their way to the Elijah House courses in 2010. They loved the supplementary training and the extra depth it gave them for their ministry. They love the quality of the training Elijah House provides for new prayer ministers and the way it facilitates healing through the Holy Spirit’s amazing direction, and tender encouragement and guidance. They are speechless at the delight of sharing the experience of the Lord’s constant healing, transforming presence in ministry, while knowing, for some reason that escapes them, that the Lord has called them to this ministry, and they now lead courses at NewHope.

Steve’s day job is as a specialist family lawyer with a recent passion for collaborative law, and Julien’s is as a long time volunteer pastoral carer of various sorts at their church, with a hobby as a poet.  They both see themselves as full-time friends and parents to their three wonderful daughters.

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