To call and equip God’s people in prayer ministry to heal relationships.


Elijah House Ministries Australia is a non-profit interdenominational Christian training organisation for Prayer Ministry.

Prayer Ministry (undertaken at  attendance of EHMA Units)

Is the prayerful, social and spiritual dialogue between a Prayer Minister and a participant with the aim of providing understanding and choices for personal growth and healing. The purpose of Elijah House ministry is to unite people with Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit, so that all may experience from Father God healing and restoration in their lives and relationships.

Prayer Ministry Centres Australia wide

The mission of Elijah House Ministries Australia is “To call and equip God’s people in prayer ministry to heal relationships.”  This means that our focus and mandate is as a teaching and empowering ministry rather than providing prayer ministry to individuals.  There are a number of centres that offer prayer ministry based on Elijah House principles.  These centres have no formal relationship with us (EHMA) and the provision of their details should not be taken as a referral only, as Elijah House Ministries cannot accept responsibility for services offered by them.

EHMA does not endorse or establish any particular individual prayer minister or prayer ministry centre in Australia.  Individuals who are interested in receiving or being involved in on-going prayer ministry are encouraged to join a prayer ministry centre connected with a local church.

A list of ministry centres is available from the Resource Centre please email info@elijahhouse.com.au or call 07 5492 8588 for a contact in your area.

Our AIM is to serve the wider church

  • By providing prayer ministry teaching and training based on that of John & Paula Sandford as expressed through Elijah House Inc (USA).
  • By providing an understanding of why we experience difficulties in our lives and relationships.
  • By providing an understanding of prayer ministry as a means of overcoming the difficulties experienced in our lives and relationships.
  • By training Elijah House Ministries Australia graduates to provide prayer ministry to the wider church and/or be leaders and team members for Elijah House Ministries Australia.

Core Values


  • In a spirit of unity that transcends denominational boundaries.
  • It is important to respect and uphold the dignity and safety of all people.
  • God calls ordinary people to do extraordinary things.
  • God desires to change the hearts of His people through the power of the Cross, for them to recognize their true Christian identity and value and break self-defeating perceptions and beliefs.
  • God desires to transform people and heal broken families, marriages and relationships.
  • A servant heart is essential for effective Elijah House Ministry.
  • The local church is essential to God’s purposes. Elijah House people are expected to be committed to their church and respect the authority of its leadership.
  • In providing core materials that have a biblical foundation and speak to the wider Christian Church.

Statement of Faith

Elijah House Ministries Australia accepts fully the orthodoxy of the major creeds of the Christian faith; agreeing to all areas of doctrinal teaching on which, historically, there has been general agreement among all true Christians.

  • We believe that the Bible is the written Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit, inerrant in all that it teaches and therefore authoritative as the one infallible rule for faith and life.
  • Because we serve inter-denominationally, we desire to allow for freedom of conviction on other doctrinal matters, provided that no doctrinal interpretation shall become an issue which hinders the ministry to which God has called us.
  • We believe we are called to be faithful to the mission of the Church, which is the saving and healing work of Christ in the world: to be instruments of writing, teaching and healing. These are expressions of the love and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We believe that the Word of God, prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit change the effects of the past, bringing about sanctification and transformation. People are set free to walk as God intended, so that all areas of their lives can be cherished and valued.
  • We believe that the work of Christ needs to be accomplished in and through the love of Christ.