MYRA WILKINSON – Founding Director and Patron

Myra Wilkinson will always be synonymous with Elijah House Ministries Australia. After attending an Elijah House school of ministry in Idaho USA in 1989, Myra, with her husband Clif’s cooperation established the first of the international Elijah House Ministries here in Australia. Myra and Clif agreed to be Patrons of Elijah House Ministries Australia and although Myra retired from the Board in 2002, both maintained an active interest. Myra went to be with her Lord and Saviour on the last day of 2010 and Clif joined her and his Lord Jesus on 2 March 2015. We thank the Lord for Myra’s forward looking, Holy Spirit inspired initiative which continues to bless many.



Simon and his wife Cath became involved with Elijah House Ministries Australia following a move to Queensland in 2004. Both have experienced and continue to receive significant healing from the insights and Biblical truths of Elijah House Ministries and have seen God use these truths with a number of people in their local church and beyond.

Simon currently works as a Dental Specialist (Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology) in a private practice based in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Before moving to Queensland, he taught at the Dental School of the University of Adelaide.

During their time in South Australia, Cath and Simon also served on the Pastoral team at Coromandel Valley Uniting Church in the Adelaide Hills. Cath has been an EHMA team member since 2005, fulfilling the role of Ministry Group Leader for Queensland and South Australian courses, and now leads seminars and courses in the Brisbane area.

Cath and Simon were married in 1991 and have 4 children (Thomas, Samuel, Jacob and Sarah).


Julien and Steve have been involved in prayer ministry since 2005 through their church, NewHope Baptist, where they are part of the leadership of a 20+ person prayer ministry team.

After Julien did two seasons of training with Wholeness Through Christ, and both she and Steve trained through Sonrise Family Ministries, they read numerous wonderful Sandford books, and found their way to the Elijah House courses in 2010. They loved the supplementary training and the extra depth it gave them for their ministry. They love the quality of the training Elijah House provides for new prayer ministers and the way it facilitates healing through the Holy Spirit’s amazing direction, and tender encouragement and guidance. They are speechless at the delight of sharing the experience of the Lord’s constant healing, transforming presence in ministry, while knowing, for some reason that escapes them, that the Lord has called them to this ministry, and they now lead courses at NewHope.

Steve’s day job is as a specialist family lawyer with a recent passion for collaborative law, and Julien’s is as a long time volunteer pastoral carer of various sorts at their church, with a hobby as a poet.  They both see themselves as full-time friends and parents to their three wonderful daughters.


ALLISON WILLIAMS – National Director

Allison began her own Elijah House journey in 2002, with the intention of applying EH teachings to the Primary aged students in her care. Little did she know that the basic biblical principles that she was learning about would have a greater impact on her own life than in the lives of her students, however it did make her a better and more supportive teacher (or so she thinks).

Allison is considered to be a ‘second generation’ Elijah House practitioner, having grown up from her late teens and throughout, under the guidance and influence of her EH trained mother.

Allison works part-time in her role as a Curriculum Leader at a Christian College in Perth’s southern suburbs, as well as National Director for Elijah House Ministries Australia.