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Book Excerpt & Prayer Calendar for April 2018

Book Excerpt & Prayer Calendar for April 2018

“… The Most Difficult Thing for Christians to Learn 

 Perhaps the most difficult thing for Christians to learn is that the fact that they feel or think something doesn’t mean that they really feel or think that thing.

Parents soon learn to discern when a child cries out from bed, “I’m thirsty.”

That sometimes he actually is – but more of the time he only thinks he’s thirsty because he has learned that’s one way he can get some attention and prevent himself from going to sleep.

To the child, it can be very real. He has convinced himself he’s really thirsty.

 What we feel or think may have no more reality than a child’s practiced habit of fooling himself at bedtime. It’s that simple …”

 Our book excerpt this month is from  ‘LIFE TRANSFORMED’ – How to Renew the Mind  – John Loren & Paula Sandford (Pages 195 – 196)


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