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Book Excerpt & Prayer Calendar for August 2019

Book Excerpt & Prayer Calendar for August 2019

“…Clearly, Moses believed that no one is personally guilty for their ancestors’ sins. But Moses is also the one who introduced the very concept of generational sin and its consequences. Did he contradict himself? Not at all! For the concept never meant that we are personally guilty for our ancestors’ sins. Rather, it meant we are corporately guilty. At conversion, the cross cancels our personal sins, but it does not cancel corporateness!

So if the cross does not deal with corporateness, how are we to deal with generational sin? Not by conversion, but by prayers of repentance on behalf of our generational lines. Perhaps, by God’s grace, many generational lines are miraculously cancelled without specific prayer, for the reaping we suffer appears to be far less than we deserve…”

 Our book excerpt this month is from  ‘TRANSFORMING THE INNER MAN’ – John Loren & Paula Sandford (Pages 195 – 196)


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