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Book Excerpt & Prayer Calendar for February 2019

Book Excerpt & Prayer Calendar for February 2019


“… Apart from material things, how much have we reaped without effort from education, the glory of music, the beauty of art, and the fun of wholesome comedies, novels and the theatre in general? Every good thing we enjoy has come to us as unearned increment – even the printing press, the paper, the easy chair, the light, and the ability to read, which enable us all to gain whatever knowledge this book offers at this moment.

Shall we say then, that it is fair that we should reap every good blessing that we have in life from the labours of our ancestors, but unfair if we also reap from their sins? Is it somehow God’s fault, or is life to blame, when human sin abrogates the will of God and generations to come suffer the sad effects? Sin is to blame. And sin before that. And before that. All the way back to poor Adam – and Satan at last! In this we see the contest of the ages, wherein God would make amends for the sin of one of His creation! He Himself suffers in bringing death. In Jesus, the Man of Nazareth, the God of life restores blessing where sin has reaped death.

God is more than fair; He is unfathomable love and healing to a world that deserves nothing but destruction and death…”


 Our book excerpt this month is from  ‘TRANSFORMING THE INNER MAN’ – John Loren & Paula Sandford (Pages 189 – 190 &  – 193 – 194 )



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