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Book Excerpt & Prayer Calendar for July 2019

Book Excerpt & Prayer Calendar for July 2019

“…Many people think that the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount are some nice idealist’s list of shoulds, but that, of course, the practically minded macho man knows better. Many think that not to know a commandment or to neglect or disregard one is of no more consequence than a liberating philosophical exercise, affecting nothing other than an overactive conscience.  A strange fact is that not one of these same “practically minded” people would ever think he could walk into a room full of tear gas and expect that his ignorance of it or neglect to wear a mask could have no effect!…”


 Our book excerpt this month is from:

‘TRANSFORMING THE INNER MAN’ – John Loren & Paula Sandford (Pages 86 – 89 )



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