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Book Excerpt & Prayer Calendar for March 2019

Book Excerpt & Prayer Calendar for March 2019


“…So if the cross does not deal with corporateness, how are we to deal with generational sin? Not by conversion, but by prayers of repentance on behalf of our generational lines. Perhaps, by God’s grace, many generational lines are miraculously cancelled without specific prayer, for the reaping we suffer appears to be far less than we deserve.

Nevertheless, we have ministered to hundreds upon hundreds of Christians who have been many years in the Lord who still suffered great harm from patterns of generational sin. These patterns were stopped and reversed to blessing when we discerned their source in their ancestry and brought an end to them through specific application of the blood and the cross of Christ…”


 Our book excerpt this month is from:

‘TRANSFORMING THE INNER MAN’ – John Loren & Paula Sandford (Pages 195 – 196 )



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