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Elijah House – Who Are We?

Elijah House Ministries Australia – Who Are We?

Introduced to Australia in 1991 by Myra Wilkinson and now established throughout the country, Elijah House Ministries Australia was officially opened at Flaxton on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland on 4 April 1992. Myra and her husband Clif, having been involved in healing ministry and having studied the foundational text “Transformation of the Inner Man”, first attended a seminar by John and Paula Sandford in the mid 1980s.

The Elijah House teaching principles stand firmly on the word of God and Elijah House has grown worldwide, successfully teaching, training and ministering to thousands each year, bringing restoration to broken lives and relationships. John and Paula Sandford are authors and co-authors of more than a dozen books on marriage, family, restoration and related subjects.



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