The Identity & Destiny Seminar presented by Sandra Sellmer Kersten in Australia in 2012, is now presented by DVD over two days.

In this seminar, Sandra encourages us to live full, passionate lives, embracing our true identity and God’s kingdom purposes. His intention is that our identities as sons and daughters would be so strong that life’s inevitable blows would not affect us greatly—that we would be so full of love and truth, lies would have no place to take root and grow in us.

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 SandraSellmeKerstenSandra Sellmer Kersten

Having served as a prayer minister/teacher with Elijah House USA for nine years, Sandra has travelled extensively sharing a message of restoration and sanctification.

‘Finding our true identity in Christ, and embracing His Kingdom mandate’

This is the message that Christ is putting to each one of us in the Body of Christ in this very hour.

We have the chance to be set free from the things that have bound us, set free from our insecurities and fears and the masks that we have been wearing, a chance to live from the new heart that Jesus has given us. We have a chance to stop hiding and step into our true identity as sons and daughters of the King of Kings…a chance to walk in the destiny and future that He has prepared for us.


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The Heart of a King
Kings and Queens in Ill-fitting Armour
Let the Sleeping Giant Rise
Lies that Silence Our Song
Dragon or Dragon Slayer?
Vessels Fit for the Master’s Use


Also available on DVD or CD, Corporate Prayer & Ministry Demonstration

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