Who should attend?

  • Anyone who may wish to use their experience to become skilled helpers within the Body of Christ;
  • people in the health professions, Christian counsellors, pastors, those in pastoral ministry, social workers and church leaders;
  • individuals seeking to grow their spirituality

Course Schedule

Click HERE to listen to the ‘Biblical Basis of Elijah House Ministry’.  This audio is a prerequisite to the Keys to Transformation course.

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Keys to Transformation – Download Brochure

The course is flexible and can be presented in a number of different ways:

  • Divided into eight 2-day units, spread over a time frame of several months
  • Each unit may be presented on a Friday and Saturday or over an entire weekend (Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon) so as to minimise time off work.

Daily Program

A typical daily programme starts with praise and worship for 30 minutes, 1st teaching, morning tea, 2nd teaching, lunch, two hours for ministry group discussion and prayer ministry led by a trained Elijah House Ministries Ministry Group Leader, followed by afternoon tea and the a 3rd teaching.  About 15 minutes is allowed for questions and answers between sessions.


At present, the teaching curriculum for each unit consists of 6 DVD presentations.  The presentations feature John and Paula Sandford and other trained Elijah House USA and Australia teachers. A written overview of the Keys to Transformation course teachings is available please click here.

Keys to Transformation teachings include:

Unit 1 – Restoring the Foundations; Honoring Father & Mother, Bitter Root Judgments & Expectancies, Hearts of Stone & Inner Vows, Heart & Mind,  Accomplishing Forgiveness, Repentance & Restitution

Unit 2 – Dare to Trust; How We See God, Foundational Lies,  Unmet Needs, Restoring Childhood Foundations, Reconciling with God: Healing Spiritual Rebellion, Rightly Expressing Emotions

Unit 3 – Family Patterns; Prenatal & Early Childhood Issues 1, Prenatal & Early Childhood Issues 2, Generational Sin,  Performance Orientation, Parental Inversion/Cutting Free, Adult Children of Alcoholic & Other Dysfunctional Families

Unit 4 – Rest in the Heart of God; Healing Relationships to Authority, Identifications of Love, False Refuges, Grief, Personal & Corporate Strongholds, Denial

Unit 5 – Released from Heartache; Emotional Abuse, Healing Life’s Common Sexual Experiences, Shame, Healing the Sexually Abused,  Addictions,  Praying to Release Trauma

Unit 6 – Free to Choose;  Spiritual Slumber, Spiritual Captivity, Burden Bearing, Burnout, Depression, Care & Feeding of the Personal Spirit

Unit 7 – Led by the Spirit; Overcoming Fears, Spiritual Development of the Believer, Spiritual Adultery, Spiritual Abuse, Deliverance & Inner Healing, Resurrection Side of Healing

Ministry Skills Module; The Do’s & Don’ts of Prayer Ministry, Ministry Skills, Microskills of Interviewing, Common Errors in Prayer Ministry, Making Healing Relationships Safe


The fee structure is as follows:

Individual student         $ 130 per student per module

Repeating students      $ 60 per student per module (plus $15 for new workbook, if required)

Note:  Fees are subject to annual CPI adjustment

Recommended Reading for the Course

Unit 1 – Transforming the Inner Man, Growing Pains, Life Transformed, Restoring the Christian Family

Unit 2 – Growing Pains, Letting Go of Your Past, God’s Power to Change, Restoring the Christian Family, Life Transformed.

Unit 3 – Letting Go of Your Past, Renewal for the Wounded Warrior, God’s Power to Change, Awakening the Slumbering Spirit

Unit 4 – Transforming the Inner Man, Growing Pains, God’s Power to Change, Restoring the Christian Family

Unit 5 – Letting Go of Your Past, Healing Victims of Sexual Abuse

Unit 6 – God’s Power to Change, Growing Pains, Transforming the Inner Man Deliverance & Inner Healing

Unit 7 – God’s Power to Change, Growing Pains, Letting Go of Your Past, Why Good People Mess up

These books are available from Elijah House Ministries Australia, and can be ordered from the shop at www.elijahhouse.com.au or from the Resource Centre on 07 5492 8588.  Course bookshops also sell Elijah House Ministries resource materials.


Students will be asked to submit an Application with:

  1. Reference form completed by their pastor, priest, minister or a graduate of Elijah House Ministries Australia.
  2. Signed Release and Indemnity.
  3. Fee payment.

1 Keys to Transformation Brochure


Details of where and when current Keys to Transformation courses are taking place are available by clicking on course timetable at www.elijahhouse.com.au/courses

Contact the Resource Centre, 07 5492 8588 or info@elijahhouse.com.au with any questions.