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NEW and WONDERFUL – Healing the Hearts of our Children DVD Set

Designed especially for small groups and home groups, this new DVD series from Elijah House in the USA is getting rave reviews.

The message of the series is:  “It’s not too late.”  From tips for new parents in healthy training of children, to repair of spiritual injuries to adult children, the lessons shift the focus from who to blame for what has gone wrong, to how to restore honour and Godly interactions to family relationships.  Beyond that, keys to getting parts of life “unstuck” are given so that individuals can be freed to fully occupy their Godly design.

Designed for use in a wide variety of applications, the lessons incorporate interactive elements for private studies or for use in groups, and contain principles that can be put to use right away to initiate healing to the hearts of children who have been wounded and dishonoured.  The series is comprised of nine 22-25 minute video lessons.


1) Apologies, 2) Restitution, 3) Emotions, 4) Discipline, 5) Bitter Root Judgments, 6) Bitter Root Expectancies, 7) Inner Vows, 8) Pre-birth and Infancy, 9) Blessing.

SAMPLE from Apologies


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