Privacy Statement

1. Elijah House Ministries is committed to protecting the privacy of members, volunteers, and non-members and ensuring the security of personal information held within Elijah House Ministries.

2. Elijah House Ministries collects in written and/or electronic form personal information from members, volunteers, and non-members through:

  • Applications for membership
  • Membership renewal
  • Volunteer agreements
  • Applications for employment and payroll records
  • Liability waivers
  • Orders for purchase of books, DVDs and CDs
  • Evaluations of students’ performances at courses
  • Contacts by telephone, facsimile and email, and by visits to the EHM website
  • Applications for elections to the Board of EHM
  • Notifications of willingness to accept referrals for prayer ministry
  • References and registration forms for courses


3. This personal information is collected with the consent of those concerned and used for the purpose(s) for which it was collected. It is essential to the successful administration of EHM and the operation of EHM courses, seminars and prayer ministry activities.

4. Personal information held by EHM is not disclosed to third parties without your consent except

  • When a referral for ministry is sought, in which case the name and phone number of the EHM prayer minister may be provided;
  • When a church or approved Christian body which intends to present an EHM course or seminar contacts EHM seeking assistance, and EHM graduates for that purpose;
  • When required by Elijah House (Incorporated) USA, provided that the consent of the individual concerned is obtained and/or the provision of the information is permitted under Australian law;
  • Where the disclosure is related to a purpose for which you have given consent previously; or
  • When disclosure is required or authorised by law.


5. EHM will allow you to access personal information held about you if a request is made in writing (including in electronic form such as email) and your identity proven, to the Resource Centre.  If information held about you is incorrect you may also apply to correct that information. If access or correction is refused, EHM will provide you with written reasons for the refusal.


6. EHM treats personal information as confidential.  EHM restricts access to those employees, Course or Seminar Leaders and Board Members who need to know that information for the purposes of paragraph (3) above.

Dated September 2005


Code Of Ethics


In outlining this code of ethics, the term Prayer Minister will always be a reference to Elijah House Ministries Australia Limited volunteers who are approved Course or Seminar Leaders,  Ministry Group Leaders, Assistant Ministry Group Leaders, observers or supporting personnel.

1.  General Principles

All volunteers will:

1.1    Uphold and abide by the Elijah House Ministries Australia Mission Statement, Code of Ethics and Volunteer’s Agreement.
1.2    Accept, embrace and demonstrate Christian and ethical standards in all aspects of their lives while not judging with condemnation any who fail to abide by those standards.
1.3    Respect and value all people but not inappropriate, unacceptable conduct.
1.4    In respect to inappropriate and unacceptable conduct, follow the grievance  procedure.
1.5    Comply with all State and Federal Laws. Refer to “V03 Guidelines for EHMA Volunteers Legal Responsibilities and Associated Matters”.

Volunteers will not:

1.6     Use their association with Elijah House Ministries Australia for any purpose other than that stated in the mission statement. Their ministry must place the objectives of their service to Elijah House Ministries Australia before personal   aims, views or advantage. In so doing, personal integrity is preserved and   honoured.

1.7     Give personal advice.

1.8     Harmfully label anyone.

1.9     Request from anyone that which is contrary to Scripture.

2.  Ministry Principles

Volunteers who are prayer ministers will:

2.1     Provide Christian prayer ministry in accordance with Biblical principles. That is, to evangelise the unbelieving areas of the hearts of those to whom ministry is given.

2.2     Agree, whilst in prayer ministry, to pray aloud, unless the Holy Spirit guides otherwise.

2.3     Receive individual prayer ministry.