The aims of Elijah House Ministries Australia include serving the wider church by…

  • Providing prayer ministry teaching and training based on that of John and Paula Sandford as expressed through Elijah House Inc (USA)
  • Training Elijah House Ministries Australia graduates to provide prayer ministry to the wider church


Training Coordinator, Pauline Guthrie

Training Coordinator, Pauline Guthrie


Having done the Prayer Ministry Training Course in 2008, Pauline was appointed as Training Coordinator in March 2009, and is committed to raising the profile of Elijah House Ministries Australia-wide through the Elijah House Training Program.

Pauline is married to Bob, a retired principal, and together they share four adult children and seven grandchildren.

Pauline brings to the task a wealth of experience:

“My background has given me a very broad context in which to view effective training and assessment.  As a teacher / administrator / presenter in high schools and tertiary institutions all over the country for 36 years, I have been involved in much school-based and outcomes-based assessment, as well as having set up Vocational Education, Welfare and Counselling Departments in my last Christian school.  As adult learning has been a lifelong interest, I have been assessed myself for three Master of Arts Degrees: International Relations (ANU), Theology (ACU) and Counselling (ACU); a Bachelor of Arts (UQ); a Certificate in Teaching and a PGrad Certificate in Education, as well as a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.  In Elijah House Ministries I have a Certificate III in Prayer Ministry and a Certificate IV in Prayer Ministry Training.”