The aims of Elijah House Ministries Australia include serving the wider church by…

  • Providing prayer ministry teaching and training based on that of John and Paula Sandford as expressed through Elijah House Inc (USA)
  • Training Elijah House Ministries Australia graduates to provide prayer ministry to the wider church
National Director, Allison Williams

National Director, Allison Williams


Having completed the Basic & Level Prayer Ministry Training Course, starting in 2003, Allison was appointed as Director in June 2018, and is committed to raising the profile of Elijah House Ministries Australia-wide through the Elijah House Training Program.

Alli brings a youthful view to EHMA, along with passion to grow & expand the Elijah House Ministry:

“As a fellow EHMA volunteer & the previous Registrar in Perth, and also as the new National Director for EHMA I have a long association with EHMA, initially due to my mother,  involvement as a Course Leader, Trainer, Mentor and Prayer Minister. Her influence as a parent to a child, plus her recruitment of me to assist in prayer ministry, has been a major factor in my growth and understanding of the need for heart and mind reconciliation.

My own Elijah House journey began in the early 2000’s as course participant. Since then I have been involved in prayer ministry, course registration and assistant group leading.

My background is in Education, predominately in Christian Colleges focussed on Primary students. I have held various leadership and training roles and am currently working as a Curriculum Coordinator at a Christian College in Perth.

There are many overlaps between my current education position and the new EHMA role, which I believe has and will continue to equip me to serve this Ministry.

It is my deepest hope to see this incredible Ministry be sustained and further developed to meet the needs of future generations. It is the Lord’s desire to see His children restored to their rightful identity through the awakening and healing of heart. One of my roles as Director will be to connect with and support Course Leaders so that they can in turn can equip and support their teams. The Elijah House message of reconciliation is crucial to seeing the ‘brokenhearted healed, the captives and prisoners walking in freedom, to bring comfort to those who mourn’. The role of Volunteers, leading in the strength of the Lord, is that mentioned in Isaiah 61:4. We are working with Him ‘rebuilding ancient ruins…repairing ruined cities!’. This ministry is so precious and you, the Lord’s ministers, are too!”