Micro-skills help us to listen attentively and understand what others are saying. While they are most useful in counselling and prayer ministry, they are also useful in daily communication to ensure understanding. Some of these skills are discussed in the Elijah House Ministries course teachings, particularly in the teachings of “Ministry Skills” and “Recognition of Fruit to Root Patterns.” The skills help us apply the teachings as we are led by the Holy Spirit in prayer ministry.

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The Elijah House Ministries Ministry Skills Unit is a two-day workshop developed by Denis O’Hara (B.Ed; M.Ed; Grad.Dip.Counsel.St; MQCA).  The workbook and associated DVD series are designed to aid facilitators and small groups in the development of prayer ministry micro-skills and the therapeutic process. The materials contain suggestions and activities which group facilitators can use to enable prayer ministry training.

The primary focus of this workshop is on prayer ministry micro-skills, but this focus is within the broader context of the spiritual journey and the prayer ministry relationship. Hence, some comments and activities will draw attention to the spiritual journey and to the broader process of prayer ministry.

While it is important for good prayer ministers to have a mastery of micro-skills, these skills should never be seen as a mechanistic tool simply applied to others. Rather, the focus of this workshop is more on catching a way of being with clients, a posture which communicates a non-judgmental travelling with another instead of an expert with a solution.

See Timetable for details of when and where the Workshop is being run.  For further information, please contact the Resource Centre on 07 5492 8588 or info@elijahhouse.com.au.

Micro-Skills Testimony