msmThe Ministry Group Management Workshop offered by Elijah House Ministries was developed by Meryem Brown, Psychologist and Greg Brown, Management Consultant and aims to equip participants with tools to enable them to understand themselves and their group leadership style.

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At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will have:

  • been provided with tools to enable them to understand themselves and their group leadership style, and to facilitate groups more effectively;
  • developed an understanding of individual behaviour in groups, and have opportunities to demonstrate effective skills in managing group dynamics.

Workshop content: Healthy Leaders; Healthy Groups

Part 1. Healthy Leaders: knowing & understanding myself
  • Theological considerations for leadership health
  • Self-awareness & self-management
  • Leader blindspots (Johari Window)
  • The dark side of leadership: unhealthy motives & methods
  • Self-disclosure: do’s and don’ts
  • Emotional Intelligence and group facilitation
  • ‘Client-focus’: the key to effective group facilitation
  • Time management: starting & finishing well; prioritising; managing the program
Part 2. Healthy Group Dynamics
  • Theological considerations for group life
  • Group participants – the good, the bad & the ugly
  • The stages of group life (after Mulford, etc): task & relationship issues
  • Transactional Analysis ( Berne )
  • Distinguishing between problem people & problem behaviour
  • Strategies for managing problem behaviour
  • The conflict continuum (Conflict Resolution Network)
  • Conflict resolution styles (Johnson); Constructive conflict
  • Establishing behavioural norms through a group covenant

Learning environment:

Interactive; multi-modal (including Powerpoint, movie excerpts, etc); use of case studies, role plays, and small group work.

See Timetable for details of when and where the Workshop is being run.  For further information, please contact the Resource Centre on 07 5492 8588 or