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Transformation Series & Prayer Calendar for September 2018

The ‘Transformation Series’ & Prayer Calendar for September 2018

When Elijah House Ministries began in Australia more than 26 years ago it was mandatory for applicants to read two specific Sandford books. These were comprehensive and large books that touched on much of what we teach today in the Units. They were Transformation of the Inner Man and Healing the Wounded Spirit. They were slow to read and as time went by were rewritten into four much more easy to handle and easily read books which are still available today. These books would make an excellent gift for a friend struggling with unresolved issues and with Christmas just around the corner what could be a better gift? It could be a gift that keeps on giving for many years – even generations – to come.

For any who might like to buy these book,s there are a few options:

  • In paperback from Elijah House Australia. Starting from $20.00 + freight
  • In paperback from Elijah House USA. $14.99US + freight
  • Various other online bookstores sell printed book, postage additional:
    • Koorong paperback, $18.99 + freight


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