“To be very honest, I was amazed at the depth of both the human and the spiritual
content of the talks presented, and equally amazed at the soul searching that
happened in the discussion and prayer times that followed during the day.

Naturally, the sacramental practice of the Catholic Church was not mentioned.  However, for a Catholic to consolidate what has been heard and discussed, involvement in the Sacraments is a natural follow on.

My experience tells me, that through participation in Elijah House, faith is strengthened and people who have stopped practising have returned.

Elijah House is a very intimate time with God and one another.”

Fr Phil Harding, Sacred Heart Parish, Temora NSW


“The understanding I’ve gained through the Biblical based teachings of Elijah House Ministries has been the most useful pastoral tool I have ever come across. Rather than simply offering prayers of comfort for people in distress, these teachings give the pastoral carer insight into the root causes of problems, and therefore have the potential to bring real change. When applied, these teachings can bring the wonderful healing power of forgiveness into a person’s life in ways and to depths, they may never have imagined possible or realised was needed. At it’s heart, Elijah House Ministries is really about changing the person; to use the old-fashioned Biblical term, it is about sanctification. This is desperately needed, I believe, in all branches of the Christian Church.”

Rev. Jan Rossow, Uniting Church, Childers QLD


“We believe that Caloundra Baptist Church is blessed to have Elijah House Ministries meet on its premises.  We highly recommend the ministry of Elijah House and have personally seen many people receive healing through this ministry.”

Pastors Rob & Donna Bartle, CityLife Baptist, Caloundra QLD


Where does Prayer Ministry as taught and experienced in Elijah House Ministries courses fit into the pastoral care and the evangelistic outreach most pastors spend their time doing?

People need the pastoral care – and this can lead to decisions for Jesus – in such life involvements as understanding about:  Accomplishing Forgiveness; Spiritual Rebellion; Hearts of Stone and Inner Vows; Healing Relationships to Authority; Shame; and False Refuges.  These are only some of the biblically-based course subjects covered at Elijah House Ministries.

For any pastor, minister or priest willing to invest the time and themselves into these courses, I can assure them of learning, support and encouragement in their work and personal life.  I did it.

Rev. Richard Pether, Anglican Priest, WA


“As a Christian psychologist, I went along to my first Elijah House Course with interest and the anticipation that I could learn a few new skills. What I heard and experienced profoundly changed my life and changed forever the way I practice my profession. I heard Scripture opened up with such wisdom and clarity that I knew I found what I had been searching for my whole life. All that I had learnt about psychology was contained in the Scriptures but in FULLNESS. My understanding of the human condition was transformed and I knew I was listening to Truth. The personal ministry I received was tender and filled with compassion and the effects of it still continue. I cannot recommend Elijah House Courses too highly.”

Kerry Hitzke, Psychologist, Lutwyche QLD


“The teachings of John and Paula Sandford have benefited me over the years, and their insights have been a beneficial content in my teaching and ministry. The emphasis on the need of all people to be reconciled, particularly within their family, has profound implications for the whole Christian Community in these end times. Their teaching and ministry insights are an essential ingredient in our healing and counselling work at St Jude’s.”

Fr. Colin Roberts, Anglican Priest, QLD


“As a trained psychologist working with Christians and non-Christians, I have found the principles that Elijah House teaches a valuable tool in the healing process.”

N.B. Sydney


“I would like to commend Elijah House Ministries Australia to you. For several years members of my Church fellowship have been involved in this ministry, firstly attending courses and then being trained and released [as Prayer Ministers], able to conduct courses on behalf of Elijah House Ministries.

The Ministry is based on solid Biblical foundation and application, and focuses on
the ministering power of God’s Holy Spirit to effect change in those being ministered to. I have seen dramatic release and freedom in Christ come to many of my Church members through this ministry. Having taken part in courses myself in which I received personal healing and encouragement, I can thoroughly recommend the ministry to you.”

Rev Canon Allan Harrison, Anglican Church, Coodanup WA